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6th January 2002Tony Ashford
Have been interested in this period of history for some and I've just discovered your website which is a superb one!
5th January 2002Derek Pearce
Very informative.


5th January 2002Hans Mortier
Due to my interest in History and due to the film "Zulu" I became fascinated by this African tribe. This site gives a very good picture of one of the key events in its history.
Thanks very much.
4th January 2002john owen
an unbelievable good site thank you for thaking the time and effort to tell this fantastic story so well.
this site is on my favorites and will remain so
2nd January 2002Mike Good
This is a very impressive website and does great honour to the heroes of Rorke's Drift.
2nd January 2002Charles Frost
After a lifetimes fascination with Rorkes Drift I actually visited there and Isandhlwana in 1995. It was extremely moving to stand upon such hallowed ground. I was also fortunate enough to visit the memorial to Lt's Melville and Coghill on the hillside where they were killed.
I keep a piece of stone with me at all times that I took from the gound within the inner wall at Rorkes Drift.
My 12 year old son carries on my fascination.
This site carries on the legend to all well done!
31st December 2001Paul Harling
Further to my previous message,I also should add that not only is it English history, but British history.Let us not forget our history,it is why we still are a great nation.
31st December 2001paul harling [england]
superb sight.tony blair take note,this is english history which should be taught in schools.pull your finger out all you politically correct people.
31st December 2001SDA
This is a great site, full of interesting detail and information. The picture of Stanley Baker at Chard's grave is my fave bit though - very impressive. I'll be sure to revisit the site often.
30th December 2001Doug Shute
Interesting to note that there is a Canadian connection to the Rorkes Drift VCs. Dalton served in Canada with Sir Garnet Wolseley on the Red River Expedition of 1870 and it was Wolseley who presented Chard with his VC according to the London Illustrated News of Sep 6, 1879.
30th December 2001John Potts
this is a most impressive site and the amount of work involved in its construction must have been enormous.i have watched the film many times and was fascinated and have done some of my own research. I found a lot of information about the graves from a book about the VC winners. I always wondered where Bromhead was buried and I will try to go to India to see his grave. George Smith was born at Docking in Norfolk and not Dorking and I know the property where he was born. I am slightly confused by the statement that Chard was awarded the VC at St Paul's Zululand as I have a print of him being presented with the VC at Inkwenke Camp. I shall include this site as a favourite and visit regularly. Well done. It's brilliant.
29th December 2001Doug Shute
I am delighted to have found this fantatic site. I admire the VC winners but Clr Sgt Bourne has always been my hero, at least as portrayed in the movie. In my etimation he is the personification of all that professional soldiers should be. Some time ago I read that his family donated his medals to the SWB museum. How I do wish I had a photo of those medals.
28th December 2001Dale
FABULOIS SITe INDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26th December 2001John Rosby
Simple, yet informative site
Wonderful job!
26th December 2001Tim Jenkins
Nice site!
26th December 2001CLIVE DICKENS
Excellent webb site lot's of uinfornmation on the 24th foot and Z ulu war very interesting 'with insights o9n the Victorian British army
25th December 2001leon summers
I recently found out my ancestor fought at Rork's Drift, and was based at Brecon. This is all the info. I have. If anyone has similar links or info. on how I could find out much more, just mail me? I'm in Cardiff....haven't travelled too far in a Century!
25th December 2001Bill Rice
Excellent website, so much information, like the film Zulu I will never tire of looking at it. Thanks
24th December 2001Phil James
Have just watched Zulu and unlike other films that get repeated at this time of year, it always has immense appeal. My wife 30 years ago worked with the zulus and knew them as a very proud and strong nation of people so I can appreciate Rorke's Drift. I was amazed having read the accounts of the battle how many of the small details came out in the film. Thanks for a great site.
24th December 2001Nigel Harpin
One of my all time favourite films. True courage which stirs the emotions. One right under the chin of political correctness!
24th December 2001Brian Wells
I've been fascinated since I was 12 when the the film first came out
24th December 2001Christopher
After the screening of the film, to find information on the events. Surprised to find that key events in the film didn't happen in the real battle. And I was saddened to read of Schiess's fortunes and death, a great shame.
24th December 2001Doreen Naylor
have again watched the film Zulu on t.v today

very very brave men their families must be so proud of them
this is an excellant site keep up the good work very imformative
thank you
24th December 2001Peter Dunkley
Very informative
24th December 2001colin smiley
Like Helen watched Zulu for the countless time and wanted more info. Excellent site. Thank you.
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