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Why does this site need donations? Why should YOU donate to (

The site now needs donations due to the monthly costs we are incurring (which are rising steadily) to keep the site online, and maintain the database driven content (such as the discussion forum). Why should you donate? There are probably lots of reasons, but we had a think, and came up with these important considerations:

1. You want the site to be around in a year's time
2. You want to see your name forever immortalised on the site as a patron
3. You want to show your appreciation for the effort and hard work that we put in to keeping the site fresh, lively and upto date.

We thought long and hard about how to fund the site, and decided that advertising would be immoral. This site is based around the remberance of brave men, on both sides, who fought one of the most famous battles in history. How would it look if we were to be seen (albeit falsely) to be capitalising on their memories?

The only other option is sponsorship, or more precisely, donations. We are putting our faith in you, as you have in us, that you will show your appreciation for this site in a more tangible way (this covers points one and three).

As for point two, well, we had the idea of building a "donations wall". Everyone who donates, large or small will have a brick, bearing their name with a link to a small message window placed on the site for perpetuity. Your fame is guaranteed - we promise!

More seriously, it is important to us that this site keeps going, but with costs rising each month to cover, we can only do so much, that's why we're asking you to put your hand in your pocket for some loose change (OK, a credit card) and make whatever donation you can.

The Bricks:

View the (biscuit box) Wall!

We appreciate every penny we get, and would welcome any feedback you may have..

Thank you for your kind generosity!

Donate by Credit Card (secure server)

It is also possible to donate by cheque - Please make payable to "Peter Critchley" and send to:

Alan Critchley
Dafarn Newydd
Dinas Mawddwy
SY20 9LP
United Kingdom