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Wagon(s) At Re-enactments/AZW Events ?

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Recently watched a programme called Find It Fix It Flog It, presented by Henry Cole, where in a barn they found a wagon, that was in good condition, which they sold on to a garden centre as a large exterior showpiece at their location.

If I remember, the price was not excessive, which I thought would have been a great addition to any event, though of course minus horses and had to be transported on a trailer.

In my mind, if I had indeed managed to create a Colonial Volunteer re-enactment group, plus had the necessary finances and transport, that if such an opportunity presented itself, I would have bought it myself, as a centrepiece of the public display, possibly recreating the scene in ZULU DAWN too.

Yes, not the larger Boer wagon, but it would be used more as a prop for the ´┐Żaction´┐Ż, but on the campaign they used wagons of all shapes and sizes - this could even have represented an ammunition wagon.

Thought it might be of interest, to consider such an addition, or see the episode it was on anyway.

It was the first thing I imagined watching it
Wagon(s) At Re-enactments/AZW Events ?
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