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Your Travel Stories

Just as we have visited Rorke's Drift, so have many of our visitors to this site. We have added some of their travelogues below. There are many other places to which visitors to the site have been. We would like their stories too, with helpful tips for others who may want to follow the same trail.

To submit your item for inclusion in this section, please contact us. If you require technical assistance, we can arrange for transcribing your text and scanning any pictures used, no charge.

To submit yours for inclusion in this section, please contact us.

Alan Critchley
Trip to South Africa - May 2005

Martin Everett
An Indian Pilgrimage

Melvin Hunt
First Visit to Zululand

Alan Critchley
2002 Tour

Clive Dickens
A Guided Tour

Chuck Hoskinson
Visiting the Battlefields of South Africa

Cliff B. Gosney, Jr.
Travel commentary

Phil Read
Zulu Odyssey

Neil Aspinshaw
125 years of Isandlwana

Eileen Sutton
A Family Story with echoes of Isandlwana

Bill Cainan
Dalton visits the UK (PDF)



These accounts are not written by the authors of (RDVC) and as such are represented as it was written by the author. RDVC accepts no resposibility for the content of these articles.