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Zulu Victory The Epic of Isandlwana & the Cover-up

Lock, Ron & Quantrill, Peter
Greenhill Books - ISBN 1-85367-505-9

Zulu Victory The Epic of Isandlwana & the Cover-upHow refreshing it is to see new material on the subject of the Battle of Isandlwana provided by two authors who truly have a feel for the subject they are writing about. The book gives a detailed insight into an event, which to this day is still shrouded in mystery. We will, I feel, never know the full details of how, and why, the British and Colonial force were overwhelmed at Isandlwana, but in my humble opinion, Zulu Victory takes us a little further along the path of understanding.

His Royal Highness Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi in his foreword commends the authors for a job excellently done. I echo his opinion. What finer words from a man whose own history is deeply entwined with the subject of the book. Prince Buthelezi's grandfather, Mkhandumba Buthelezi fought in the battle, and survived, another relative, Mntumengana did not. Prince Buthelezi's maternal great-grandfather was King Cetshwayo kaMpande, and his paternal great-grandfather was Mnyamana Buthelezi, King Cetshwayo's commander-in-chief. There are some telling statements of fact in Prince Buthelez's foreword, words written from the other side of the hill. The juxtaposition of the words disaster and victory, depending on whose history you are reading, is a prime example.

Even the most avid researcher is going to have to search long and hard for errors, they are there mainly relating to names, ranks and unit designations but nowhere to the degree of other works on the same subject have contained. I have already shared my findings on these matters with the two authors, hopefully, they will be corrected in any further editions. In the preliminary version of the book that I have seen a number of images, four to be precise have reproduced the wrong way around, whether this is a publishing error or not, I cannot say. There are however a number of images which are previously unseen by this veteran in the field, which rather tips the balance for me.

Do not search for myths and legends in Zulu Victory it is a statement of fact, not supposition. In my unqualified opinion Zulu Victory is a triumph in itself, Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill are to congratulated for enlightening the reader with the findings of their research.

John Young,
Anglo-Zulu War Research Society

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