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Visit five of the eight Rorke's Drift VC's buried in the UK in a weekend.

The round trip which I took over a weekend entailed visiting 5 of the graves.

Driving from the East, I passed through Gloucester on the A40. Heading West, 5 miles past Gloucester, a sign on the right for St. Andrews Church on the left and Harry Hook's grave.

Continuing on the A40 until reaching the M50 heading to Monmouth. Through to town keeping left. Ask directions for the cemetery. There was Cpl. Allen ('Allan' as on the grave).

Return back to the A40 and on towards Brecon. Divert off onto the A4042 to Newport. Follow signs to Llantarum on the A4051 for St. Michael's Church and grave of John Fielding (enlisted as Williams).

I used Brecon as a base to visit the sites. The hotel I stayed at was the Lansdowne, Tel: 01874 623321. Situated about 400 yards from the South Wales Borderers Museum. Quite pleasant, more of a guest house. Alternatively, there is the Castle Hotel, 01874 624611 or the George Hotel on 01874 623421.

As an alternative, there is a very good Bed and Breakfast at 11 The Watton (about 50 yds from the museum) run by Marian Wiseman, contact on 01874 625650.

The Museum as many interesting details and artifacts relating to the Zulu War and in particular Rorke's Drift. (Museum tel: 01874 613310 for opening times etc.). Make an effort to visit the Cathedral for the two plaques and flag pole. (There is another VC winner buried in the churchyard (not Zulu War). North East of Brecon is Peterchurch on the A4348 and Robert Jones grave.

The next day I headed for Bristol and south on the M5. Turning off onto the A358 heading south, look for signs for Hatch Beauchamp. Chard is buried there.