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4th January 2005Zulu War book/documentary ideas ?
By Coll
The Anglo-Zulu War 1879 has been covered in books, documentaries, paintings, films, etc.
Participants, battles, equipment, politics and various other aspects of this brilliant interest has been discussed and written about.
Can I ask what enthusiasts would like to see in future book releases or documentaries ?.
This is just a general question to find out if there is a subject about the Zulu War 1879 needing more detailed coverage in the view of those anxious to find out everything there is to know about this campaign.
5th January 2005Martin Everett
Dear Coll,

There are a number of books currently being prepared by

Ian Knight
Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill
Mike Snook
David Rattray
It is likely that there is a reprint of Historical Records of the 24th Regiment and an audio CD of the lost Bourne broadcast if you are interested.
5th January 2005jim
Hi Martin
That's an interesting one.
Who's voice is on the Bourne CD?
5th January 2005Coll
Excellent news Martin. Thanks for the update.
6th January 2005Coll
Just me again. Glancing over previous topics covered on this site, it is apparent that these are some of the issues being sought after in future releases of AZW related items :-

Documentary about the life of Col. Durnford.
Possibly, I'll not say remakes, but re-imagined versions of Zulu and Zulu Dawn.
Books or documentaries devoted to the archaeology of the zulu war battlefields.
Detailed 3D computer strategy games based on the battles of the zulu war.
Maybe 3D maps of the zulu war battlefields that you can move around in using the mouse or keyboard.

Although, looking at the above list, it might just be me that would like to see them become available.

What do you think ?
9th January 2005Coll
Due to health reasons I was unable to pursue my interest in the Anglo-Zulu War 1879 from about 1997-2003.
Could someone please clarify the following matter for me -

I remember writing an article for the Anglo-Zulu War Research Society magazine in about 1995/96, but I'm not sure if it was ever published.
The subject was about making a documentary about Isandlwana, which I was going to call ' Place of Shields'.
Could someone please let me know, I think I just used my initials - C.J.M. on the letter.