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5th January 2005"Zulu" at Cardiff
By Rich
Anybody go to the film festival at Cardiff late last year? Just wanted to know if there were any transcripts or anything published about the discussion of the Zulu film after the showing. From what I could gather, after 40 years it still seems to be as hot as a smokin' Martini-Henry barrel!...;-)..... Sheldon?
10th January 2005Sheldon Hall
Hi Michael,
I doubt that anything was published of the after-screening discussion (a very informal affair between myself, BBC producer Steve Freer and film archivist David Berry, plus a few questions from the audience), but all the essential info will be available in book form very soon......
10th January 2005Peter Weedon

What's the revised publication date for the booK?

10th January 2005Sheldon Hall
Good question! Officially it's "Spring", i.e. somewhere between March and May. The delay has been caused by the need for extensive digital restoration of the many (400+) images to be reproduced; we then need to find a slot in the printer's schedule. Rest assured, though, the manuscript is finished bar final corrections! An announcement of the actual publication date will be made as soon as it's confirmed.
10th January 2005Rich
Sheldon..thanks for the heads up on the after-screening discussion..I'll read up on it your book..PS .I think you got Mike and I mixed up there when you replied....I think it's because we're both domiciled here in the colonies, eh???
11th January 2005Sheldon Hall
Ouch! I do apologise for mixing up you and Michael... nothing to do with your national origins, everything to do with me trying to reply to several threads at once and not having my head screwed on properly! Please don't take it personally!!

Incidentally, the after-screening discussion isn't directly reported on in the book, but the info we covered there was already included in the manuscript.