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24th January 2005Zulus let their prisoner go ?.
By Coll
I was of the opinion that the Zulus took no prisoners, but I'm sure I read an article about a soldier or a civilian found roaming around the Zulu territory on foot and when he was questioned stated that the Zulus captured him and held him for an unknown period of time before actually being released, unharmed.

Was there an incident like this ?.

I apologise if this has been mentioned before.

24th January 2005Peter Ewart
Sounds like the Frenchman Grandier, Coll - apparently a native of Bordeaux. However, doubt has, both then and since, been expressed about his account of the escapade.

I think Julian mentioned his name recently on the prisoner thread, and he may have come up previously.

27th January 2005Coll

I apologise for replying a bit late.

Thanks for confirming this, as with a few of my other postings in the site with regards to articles I've read over the years, I just like to get the facts straight.

Your assistance with this and my other topics is much appreciated.