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26th January 2005case shot
By paul neville
The cannons at Islandwana: At what range would they have fired case shot? and how effective was it? It must have been daunting to have been in front of that kind of fire.
27th January 2005Coll

Have you tried typing cannon into the search facility of this site, I'm sure artillery ammunition was covered in a previous topic.

1st February 2005Zane Palmer
7 pdr RML case shot weight 6lb 12 oz
charge 1lb 8 oz RLG2
Target - one row 9 feet by 9 feet
Range 200 32 through 3 lodged @1/2 degree
200 16 through 5 lodged @ 1degree up
300 1 through 11 lodged
300 1 through 11 lodged @11/2 degree
400yards between 1 and 6 lodged and between 3 and 5 struck
500 yards none through 4 lodged and 2 struck
They never tried further than this. This is from a report of the superintendent of experiments at Woolwich 7.1.79 with gun number 433.
They do not say how thick the target was or what it was made from. Beyond this they used the shrapnel shell to a range of 3000 yards and this was effective.
2000yards average 22.3 through, lodged 3.6 and struck 6 on the same sized targets. Tgis was the most effective range for shrapnel for this gun.
Hope that answers your questions.
2nd February 2005Keith Smith

I never cease to astonished at the knowledge which is demonstrated on this site.