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27th January 2005Isandlwana photo album(s)
By Coll
I've always had a notion to have photograph albums full of colour pictures of every area of the Isandlwana battlefield, from the valley where the Zulus were discovered all the way to where Melvill and Coghill made a stand.

I don't expect I'll ever manage to visit the site but I'd like to feel I've been, so for future reference does anybody have such a detailed amount of photographs that maybe I could get copies of at some stage ?.

This is just an enquiry at present.


27th January 2005Coll
Further to the topic above.

The use of the word 'copies' was not meant as in using the e-mail facility !.

It was meant as photograph copies from a developer which I could purchase from the owner of the photographs by mail.

I apologise for explaining this topic badly.

28th January 2005mike snook

The ground is one of the most intriguing elements in the Isandlwana conundrum. Both of my forthcoming books have sections in the illustrations pages given over to ground photographs. I have included them exactly because only a lucky minority will ever be able to get to the battlefields in person. I hope they bring it all to life for you.

In the meantime if you e-mail me privately with your details I will be happy to send you some photographs. (Free of charge).

Perhaps other contributors will do the same.


28th January 2005Mike Snook

It's not a free for all I'm afraid. Nice try!

29th January 2005Coll

Thankyou for your most generous offer.

However, an issue raised in a previous topic (but sorted out since) has caused me to hesitate involving myself 'within' the forum, but rather observe the discussions from the 'outside'.

I appreciate your assistance with topics I have mentioned both now and previously, as well as information supplied by others who also replied to them.

I will be visiting the site often and look forward to your books.




May I take this opportunity to thank those who have e-mailed me with regards to this or other topics, but I have to wait until later today (Saturday) when someone who is 'wise in the knowledge' of computer operation will show me how to use the e-mail facility properly, as I don't want to lose the messages or information by pressing the wrong buttons.

Thanks again


29th January 2005Mike Snook

I will e-mail you privately.

29th January 2005Melvin Hunt
I read "Washing of the spears" in the 60's and was immediately drawn to the puzzle that was Isandlwana. In those days there was a scarcity of books and photos and for some years I wondered what Isandlwana was like and whether there was now a high rise block of flats next to it!!! Good luck to you in getting your photos.
Can I suggest that the best method is for photos to be sent to you on a CD where you can then take it to, say, Boots. They have a digital printer machine and you can then print off any photos on the disk. You can also, of course, play the disk and view the photos on your computer.
Contact me when you get your e mail sorted and I will arrange to send you a disk of some photos I took in 2002.