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28th January 2005Daniel Sheehan .
By Graham MASON
To one and all ,
I hope someone out there can sort this one out ! , according to information i have Daniel Sheehan was baptised in Boherbue in EIRE on the 6th June 1851, he joined the army on the 7th DEC 1870 . He enlisted as JAMES GRAHAM who i am led to believe was a famous Scotsman ( ? ) .

He was a fraudulent enlister second time round and his place birth is different on each set of papers held i Kew ( i found three sets in all ! ) . Marriage took place in INDIA in 1885 and he left the army as a C / Sgt in 1891 .

The KL Horse has his grave in Aldershot showing his date of birth as APRIL 28
28th January 2005Graham Mason
To finish .

Sorry for the interuption .

The K L Horse has his grave as showing his date of birth as April 28th 1853 and his death as Feb 23 1899 . The records comfirm he died in 1899 aged 46 but i have also found two births in London of a DANIEL SHEEHAN in 1852 and 1853 . With the life of this man being so mixed up can anyone unravel just when and where he was born ? , was it in EIRE C 1851 OR London c 1852 / 1853 ? .