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29th January 2005just a little story
By jim
my mate told me about this a few days ago, he was watching the film zulu , over the xmas period,it was getting late on in the film, when his daughter walked into the room and sat down, and asked what are you watching?, he replied Zulu, twenty minutes silence ensued, it was the scene that the British came up from behind there mealie bags during the three lines of volley fire, scores of dead and dying lay at the feet of the British infantry. the camera panned across the surviving British soldiers, shaking sweating and bloodied. when a voice said "which one is zulu". p.s how does Michael Glovers book stand up to the experts knowledge, I think it's good but it is the only one I have read
30th January 2005Julian whybra
1 out of 10
30th January 2005Glenn Wade
Julian is right Jim. The best place to start if it's just the battle of Rorke's Drift your after is Ian Knight's 'Nothing remains but to fight'. Search that on Amazon and you'll probably be able to get a second hand copy. If you need advice on books mate, this forum's the best place.
All the best
31st January 2005jim
Many thanks to both Julian and Glenn in answering my question. I will certainly try and get myself better educated on this subject, now what what was that old saying about a book and its cover, once again many thanks. Jim