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31st January 2005Provenance and dates of the post-battle photos taken of the survivors of B Company 2/24th at Rorke'
By Robert James Howells
In RD( Greaves 2002 ) there is a photo of " B Company the defenders of RD Post-Battle " (24th Regt. Museum Brecon ). The same photo had appeared, in larger format, in ( Bancroft 1988 ) " as a truly historic picture ".. In the latter volume there is on page 110 another photo of B Co. 2/24th Regt presented with a scroll of honour by the Mayor of Durban. There is the same photo on page 46 of the " Zulu War " - Then and Now ( Knight & Castle 1993 ). Is it possible to accurately date these photos, since the number of soldiers shown varies only between approx. 52 and 79.
1st February 2005Julian Whybra
Robert, the Bancroft p. 98-9 photo (with Bromhead misidentified and with the fictitious 'Pip' lifted from the pages of Morris - I can't remember whether the Greaves copy repeats the error) is undated but the picture was taken after those soldiers who were wounded had been invalided home.
The photo in Bancroft p. 110 is undated but was taken at Pinetwon after the war and doesn't relate to the presentation of the scroll.
1st February 2005Mike Snook
I'm with Julian. Pinetown. Something like August/September 79 from memory. I can look it up if it that's important to you.. Just say yea or nay if you want me to. One of a series of 2/24 phots taken at that time.


1st February 2005Robert James Howells
Adrian & Mike. Your indefatigable efforts on behalf of AZW enthusiasts are greatly appreciated. I was wondering , whether David Lewis alias James Owen 963 was in one or other of the photos, since in Holme ( 1999 ) it states that he was discharged on 04/08/1879 and could have been repatriated before the photos were taken. I would be most grateful for any further information on this matter.
1st February 2005Martin Everett
Looking at the digest of service from the 2nd Battalion - is looks as if the photographs of the various company groups were taken sometime between 14th and 21st October 1879 at Pinetown. So a number of RD men were in UK by that stage.
1st February 2005Julian whybra
Robert, apart from Bromhead, just a few men can be positively identified in the pictures - Bourne, Gallagher, John Williams - but no Lewis/Owen I'm afraid.
1st February 2005RobertJames Howells
Julian, Martin, Mike, Such co-operation that you have given in acquainting me with certain relevant facts concerning David Lewis alias James Owen 963 is most laudable. I never had he opportunity of meeting James Owen, who died in 1938 when I was only 9 years old. My paternal Grandmother Margaret Howells ( nee Owen ), his sister, died in 1922 before I was born. I know that both the Owen and Howells families came from that area of South Carmarthenshire between Llanstephan and Whitland. I feel proud to know that the memory of a Great Uncle's heroism is still kept alive by numerous enthusiasts such as yourselves. I seem to have broken the mold by being commissioned as a Pilot Officer, Radar Supervisor in the Fighter Control Branch of the R.A.F, during National Service 1951-53. Nevertheless I have always been interested in military history. I wish you every success in all your studies of AZW.
16th March 2005Steve Reinstadtler
I have an original sepia copy of the photograph of B Company which appears in the Greaves book. It is included in one of three albums of Natal photographs marked with a stamp Aldridge Natal (which I think was either the photographer or retailer). Nothing to help on dates I am afraid but I would be very interested in knowing which of soldiers has been identified. The other albums contain many shots of Zulus including Cetswayo's wives, the Prince Imperial"s grave site as well as the opening ceremony at the war memorial in Pietermaritzburg and the construction of the Natal Carbineers memorial. Finally their is a shot of a photographers wagon complete with large box camera and the name Kisch and Co on the side with, I suspect, Mr Kisch himself leaning on it. If anyone can thow any light on these names or photography in the AZW I would be delighted to know.
16th March 2005Peter Ewart

The Kisch photographer's business was well established in Durban throughout the 1870s and 1880s. Not sure whether Braham & Henry were brothers or father & son, but someone on this forum will know. Braham's wife apparently took over after his death in about 1887 and I believe some later photos (2nd ABW?) also bear the name Kisch.

The PMB memorial was unveiled in 1884. There are, I think, a large number of Kisch photos in the collection of the Killie Campbell African library, Durban and these are nowadays accessible online. I have an idea there is at least one other Kisch album of originals knocking about in private hands too.

I'm sure other contributors can fill in a bit more on this.