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31st January 2005weather
By Chris
Does anyone know the weather at Rorke's Drift on January 22/23 1879? I would assume it was warm as it was the middle of their summer season?
1st February 2005Peter Quantrill
January is not quite as hot as either February or the first week or so of March. Day Temperatures during January vary between 26C and 32C. This year the day temperature at Isandlwana on 22 Jan was 28C.
However the humidity levels are high, causing discomfort. In January they vary between 75% and 85%.
From memory and without checking my primary source material, the day weather on 22 January 1879 was initial mist followed by a degree of haze. This would indicate a hot humid day, leading to a guesstimate of day temperatures in excess of 28C and high humidity.
Sunset was at about 1900 hrs and night temperarures dropped to between 15C and 18C. Humidity was probably between 50% to 70%.This would be an estimate of weather conditions at RD, not taking into account the blazing roof which would inevitably have raised the temperature levels considerably.