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1st February 2005greatcoat
By ron
Can anybody tell me if greatcoats worn by other ranks during the Zulu War had epaullets
and single or double row of buttons.
Many thanks
1st February 2005Martin Everett
Dear Ron,
The quick answer is that the greatcoats were the same design as worn by the Foot Guards today. Obviously there was an officer's and soldier's (other ranks) pattern. i am aussming use you have access to a photgraph of a guardman in winter dress.
1st February 2005Martin Everett
My typing has gone worng a photograph of a guardsman in winter dress.
2nd February 2005Ian
Ron, Other ranks greatcoat in the Zulu war period were a similar design as todays Foot Guards. They did not have the epaullets, shoulder patches or cuff turn. They may have also been a darker shade of grey. They had one row of buttons. Hope this helps.
2nd February 2005ron
Martin and Ian
Thanks very much for your replies.
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