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3rd February 2005Query.
By Brian Crane
Is anyone aware of what happened to: Murphy, John. Private. 25B/662, B Company, 24th. Foot. He may be a relative of mine who retired as a CSM to India. Any information gratefully received.
3rd February 2005Martin Everett
Dear Brian,
Is this just your wish that he was a relative - apart from what you said above - do you have any evidence to suggest the link with John Murphy. I would urge you to start from what you know and work backwards. Have you a date of discharge? a regiment?

Lots of Murphys in the British Army - perhaps it is good that that the family did join the Brtish Army in vast numbers. The rank of CSM in the infantry was not introduced until WW1. You could be Sergeant Major (= RSM), QuarterMaster Sergeant and Colour Sergeant (= CSM)

662 enlisted at Tredgar in 1877 and when he was dicharged lived in Newport. Perhaps the answer as a starting point is to get a copy of his death Ceriticate from the Newport Registrar - he died in August 1927.

4th February 2005Andy Lee

Private John Murphy is buried in St.Woolos Cemetery, Newport - grave memorial was in good condition when I visited back in 2000.

Picture can be seen on Keynsham light Horse website.


7th April 2005Ian Cairns
A son of Michael Murphy VC (forfeited) is also said to have died at Isandlwana. Since Michael's father was John Murphy, then the son could well be _a_ John Murphy.
7th April 2005Alan Critchley
I was under the impression that the VC was the only award which can't be forfeited?

7th April 2005Martin Everett
Dear Alan,

You are correct - however there have been 8 forfeitures (last in 1908) before the Royal Warrant for VC has changed.

There is a unconfirmed report that Michael Murphy (one of the fortfeitures) had a STEPSON killed at Isandhlwana as a Colour Sergeant. We need the find the former name of Murphy's second wife to confirm this. One for the experts, I think?