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4th February 2005Durnford and 'Khartoum' Gordon friends ?
By Coll
My interest in the AZW has been re-activated since discovering this site at the beginning of the year and during this time I've viewed over my collection of books.

While browsing through 'The Road to Isandhlwana' by Droogleever, it reminded me of a question I wanted to ask (yes another one) about the mention of Durnford's friendship with Charles Gordon.

Would this be the same Charles Gordon made famous by the events at Khartoum ?.

If it is, what a fascinating prospect, imagine having an opportunity to sit in their company and listen to their ideas and ambitions before they both became such significant historical figures. Very interesting I think.

4th February 2005Peter Ewart
Yes - same chap, Coll. "Chinese" Gordon. Appears to have worked with or under Durnford at Chatham in the 1850s.

My only biography of Gordon (Anthony Nutting, 1960s) isn't indexed so I can't check whether Durnford appears (doubtful) but is a reminder that until comparatively recently a number of popular (but apparently sound) biographies and histories eschewed not only footnotes, endnotes & detailed bibliographies, but even an index! So "apparently sound" has to remain no more than that, I suppose!

4th February 2005Julian whybra
Gordon helped Durnford on at least two occasions in their careers. I explore this more in an article I've written to be published in late 2005.
4th February 2005Coll
Peter and Julian

Thankyou for confirming that it was the same man.

22nd May 2005Coll
I'll be purchasing a copy of Khartoum, hopefully next week.

I'm sure I saw it on television a few years ago, but are there any views on how accurate it portrays Gordon and the events ?

22nd May 2005Coll
Khartoum being the film starring Charlton Heston.
5th June 2005Coll
Watched Khartoum last night.

Not exactly action-packed, but does give an idea of the politics involved in military matters, as well as seeing how military men are viewed by politicians.

I enjoyed it though, mostly because of the connection with Durnford, but Gordon was quite a fascinating individual also.