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5th February 2005Learning the Zulu language
By Coll
In the early 90s I was eager to try and get an idea of some of the zulu language.

Surprisingly I did manage to get a book at Waterstones, which was English - Zulu, then Zulu - English. This half-and-half system of learning was pretty good and I must admit I was keen to try and pick up a few words in zulu, and I'll tell you, it was difficult and I think hearing zulu words with my accent would have done their language more harm than good. I was absolutely hopeless.

Has anyone else tried to learn the zulu language ?.

5th February 2005Michael Boyle

I too have attempted it unsuccessfully through books but not really understanding the phonetics and not being able get my thick tongue around the words (can't even roll my 'r's for proper Celtic or Spanish pronunciations) have been trying to get up my courage to try the following :

There seem to be many people there from all over the world who are succeeding.It even includes an e-pen-pal feature to hook you up with interested parties.


5th February 2005Coll

Thanks for replying so quickly.

I think it is a good idea to try and at least master the basics of the language but to get it as accurate as possible, or I imagine it would sound pretty awful. To learn a language you have to do it justice and speak it correctly.

I don't think you'd be expected to know the language off-by-heart, but a real effort to perfect it, would not only be an accomplishment for yourself, it would also be appreciated by other zulu speakers.

Approach it like any other project connected to the AZW, a challenge for yourself.

I mean, what better way to show respect for a country, than to learn the language properly and maybe have an opportunity to use it when visiting the battlefields.

Give it a go Michael, what harm can it do.

Personally, I'm still struggling with my own language, so I'll maybe try later.


5th February 2005Melvin Hunt
PC World have started to sell a CD Rom series for learning languages and are audio interactive. They are £14.99 each and guess what? Zulu is one of them. I'm about to buy one today. (I wonder if there's a free assegai with it?)
5th February 2005Ian P
HI Coll
I managed to buy a disc on Basic Zulu which helps with the pronounciation it is by Eurotalk interactive bought in any big games and cd stores i agree with trying to get the toungue around the word's but it is fun and the best thing with this you can hear rather then read
reguards Ianp
5th February 2005Michael Boyle

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I think I may try Melvin's and Ian's suggestions in order to get 'a leg up' first. (Presently haven't the time necessary to devote to an on-line course even if it's free.)


5th February 2005Coll

Did you get a free spear ?. (just kidding)

Will you keep us updated with any progress you make learning the language ?.


Without realising it, the more you listen to the language being spoken, you'll gradually begin to recognise the sounds used when saying specific words and other techniques on how to pronounce them properly.


Glad to hear it. Good luck with this project.

Will you let us know how you get on ?.

Cheers guys

6th February 2005Ian P
to hear the zulu language is most satisfying i love to hear the click with the tongue i was ammased to hear our security guard in Dundee who chatted and had a smike with me every morning when all was quiet i also learnt things from him i had not read in any Zulu war book on te pun i did not get a spear either i had to buy my assagai
good luck lads