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6th February 2005National Army Museum - Zulu Weekend
By Peter Weedon
If anyone has the opportunity to be in London today, can I recommend the Zulu event at the National Army Museum. It kicks off at 11.00am but, be warned, the Circle line is closed for engineering works.

Of particular interest to me was a fairly critical assessment of Chelmsford as a commander by John Laband. In his talk later, Ian Knight demonstrated that other commanders were equally guilty of the same errors of judgement.

An enjoyable and thought-provoking day.

Peter Weedon
7th February 2005Steve Moore
Hi Peter,we attended on Sunday and agree with your comments. An excellent day! The speakers were, as usual, top rate and it was real privilege to listen to John Laband, who I had not heard before. Also unexpectedly met up with 3 suvivors of our 2002 trip to SA, which was an added bonus.
High spot was catching up with Carl Daeche and picking up my ammunition box. Check out Carls ad. in "Marketplace". Even if you have no interest in the AZW, these are high quality future antiques, if you do...... The photograph does not do the sheer craftmanship that goes into these things justice.
Sell the cat on ebay, remortgage the house, get one!
Cheers Steve Moore