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21st February 2005spears & sheilds
By david
we are looking to purchase spears & sheilds - made by zulu tribesman. the older the better and if anyone has some that were from the battle at rorkes drift that would be exellent. we are in united states. thank you
21st February 2005Robert Jones
Why don,t you try or ----I think they might have something for you but be prepared to spend some money !!
28th February 2005Brian
I've seen some on Ebay offered by Ian Knight.
I corresponded with him but he was unsure of the shipping cost to the US so I let it go to someone else. Email me for his Email address and maybe you can contact him directly on this.
28th February 2005Michael Boyle

You might want to try the following:

Don't know how old the offerings are but they claim to made by the amaZulu with prices that may be indicative! Buying from South Africa can only help their ailing economy.


3rd March 2005Michael Boyle
Ran across this as well:

Mostly other Zulu crafts but the money would go straight to the amaZulu presumably.