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22nd February 2005Repro Ammo Box
By Rich
Just a nod to Mr. Daeche for his fine work in doing those ammo boxes. His workmanship is excellent in reproducing the finish and detail work relating to the box. As a historical reproduction, it is another way to experience
past history through tangible objects. Thanks Carl. Now all I need is to fill it up with M-H cartridges!
22nd February 2005AMB

Well said! I am getting quite used to mine being the first thing I see when I walk into my library.
An excellently made piece of reproduction history.

23rd February 2005Stephen Moore
Rich & AMB,
Cannot stop looking at the thing!
If you havent got one, do not miss the opportunity to own a future antique.
Talk to Carl, great product, good bloke.
Cheers, Steve Moore
10th March 2005Carl

Thanks for the endorsement and kind words, if any of you make it to the Chatham event on the 2nd April i will buy you a drink.

So very pleased you are enjoying the boxes.

keep in touch.