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22nd February 20051877 Field Service manual
By Bill Harris
Well, this is kind of an awkward question, but here goes...

Some time ago I enquired here about modern reprints of the 1877 Field Service manual. I was advised at the time that nobody was producing them, but a publisher in the UK was planning or at least considering to do so sometime in 2005. The name of the publisher now escapes me -- D.P.&G.? P.G.&D.? It was something like that, anyway.

Since then, the thread I posted my query in was lost, which is unfortunate because I didn't make a point of copying the information therein. If anyone here has any recollection of what was discussed, I would very much appreciate the contact information (not to mention their correct name!) for said publishers. I understand they're well known for reprinting old titles but do not have a website.

Further, does anyone know whether they're going ahead with the 1877 manual? I'm planning to write to them anyway, but am curious whether anyone here has heard any news.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Bill H.
22nd February 2005Coll

On the previous topic about wagon titles, I was informed of a company called D P & G Military Publishers, that may be the one.

23rd February 2005John Young

I spoke with Bryan Martin from D P & G earlier this week, I am forwarding him my copy of 'Field Exercises' from 1877, this weekend, in order that he can assess it for reproduction.

John Y.
24th February 2005Michael Boyle

Thank you, excellent news! Any word on their making it on-line yet?


24th February 2005Keith Smith


You can contact D P & G at PO Box 186, Doncaster, S. Yorks. DN4 0HN

24th February 2005Keith Smith

Sorry Coll, I should have addressed my response to Bill Harris, who put the original question. Apologies to Bill too! :-)

24th February 2005Bill Harris
Thanks very much to everyone for their helpful replies. It seems that if D P & G goes ahead with this reproduction, they wouldn't have any trouble marketting it.

Bill H.