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24th February 2005I haven't shares in Asda - honest but . . .
By Marc Jung
I saw the 'Zulu' DVD in the Isle of Dogs (East London) for only £6.64 when it's extortionate or normal price elsewhere. Wouldn't be able to say it's that price at all the Asdas though, just seen it at that branch at that price. Cheers! Marc
25th February 2005Phil Pearce
Yes I noticed the price at Asda in Cardiff. Mind you thats only 30p less than I paid on Amazon. However amazon are pretty good on other AZW DVDs as well . Zulu Dawn only £3.49 & Shaka Zulu retailing at under £14.00 when its over £26.00 in MVC. They have 5 or 6 titles in total with free deliver on orders over £19.00. There is also another DVD company that ships from Jersey in the channel island which may even undercut these prices.
Cheers Phil