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24th February 2005Cheyenne Dog Soldiers - Zulu Comparison ?
By Coll
After discussing recently the battle of Little Bighorn I discovered a fascinating description of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.

Apparently, they were known for their ferocity in battle, but interestingly there were a select group who wore a rope around their necks, at the end of which was a stake.

This group would drive the stakes into the ground and make a stand, fighting to the death.

The stake could not be pulled out or the indian move until they were informed their people had got away, as they were the rear guard to let their people escape from danger.

They were exceptional fighters and extremely courageous.

24th February 2005Chris
Sounds like the Spartan 300
24th February 2005Coll
Further to the above.

Although the Zulu attack formation of the chest and horns is well known, did they have a specific defence formation, or was offence the best form of defence in the eyes of the Zulus ?.

25th February 2005mark
there is no battle recorded where the zulus did not attack , this includes against the english and the boers (dutch farmers)

so i assume that they attacked if they thought they could win,and retreated without giving battle if the odds were not favourable