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5th March 2005Colors of the 24th Regiment of Foot
By Peter North
Hi to all
Does anyone know where I can view detailed pictures of the Queen's Colors and Regimental Colors of the 24th.I have found pictures already searching the net but none where big enough.I found this site in my search and thought for sure someone would be able to help after reading other people's posts.
5th March 2005Robert Jones
Why don,t you contact their museum in
I,m sure Martin will be able to help you.
6th March 2005Paul Cubbin
Peter - I remember searching for the 24th's Colour circa 1815 a while back. If memory serves I found it in a dusty tome in the Local History section of the Cardiff Central Library. There were several volumes of the 24th's history there with beautiful colour illustrations of the various Colours - they might be able to help.
6th March 2005Martin Everett
The museum holds everything on Regimental Colours of the 24th and SWB. There is no need to search further. The 1815 Colours are still in the Brecon Cathedral.