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7th March 2005Major White?
By s p mann
This is another officer killed at Isandhlwana who I klnow nothing about. I think he may have been the major for laundry or something.
PS - When I worked in the City a lady commercial law partner in Singapore or Hong Kong was called Victoria Younghusband. Would be interesting to know if she was a relative of Reg.
7th March 2005Glenn Wade
The man you are after is Francis Freeman White, Honorary Major and Paymaster of the 1/24th, killed in action at Isandlwana.
For more information on him, see 'The Noble 24th' by Norman Holme, available on the 'Shop' section of this website.
All the best
7th March 2005Martin Everett
There are lots of Younghusbands in the rmy Lists of the period and also in the Indian Civil Service. you got your work cut out if you are drawing up a family tree.
7th March 2005Peter Ewart
Not a particularly common surname but, as Martin indicates, by no means an uncommon one. Getting on for 400 souls in England & Wales alone bearing that name at the time of the 1881 census. And there is a sufficient level of interest today by researchers of that particular surname to justify a Younghusband genealogical mail list.