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4th April 2005Chatham Zulu Weekend
By Dewi Evans
Just arrived home from a fantastic weekend at the RE Museum, Chatham. The outside displays by the Diehards, 17th Lancers and the Zulus were out of this world. The lectures by John Young, Julian Whybra and Robert Hope were brilliant. Inside the Museum there was plenty see and spend on, as I did. I would also like to congratulate the Gravesham Military Modelling Society on their splendid Zulu War display. Well done everybody and thank you for a most enjoyable weekend.

5th April 2005Peter Ewart
Hear, hear. Took my wife & two young sons (already suitably brainwashed!) & they also enjoyed it immensely.

5th April 2005Alan Critchley
The truly amazing dedication of the Zulu dancers, the re-enactors, the people who set up the exhibition and everyone with display stands deserved more support than they got. I wish more people had taken advantage. It was a great experience which I hope will continue to happen.

5th April 2005Colin Fielding
Firstly, I hope that the lady who passed out made a speedy recovery and secondly, apologies to Alan C. as I left before buying one of his T-shirts(still think he should have mugs produced with other defenders on my great grandfather). I will buy one Alan, eventually! Well done to The Diehards (thanks for the cheese and pickle sandwich).
5th April 2005Julian Whybra
I didn't see you Peter - you should have come up and said hello.
5th April 2005Peter Ewart

Had certainly intended to at the end of your lecture, but was immediately dragged away by my elder son (who, although only eleven, much enjoyed your talk) with "Come on Dad, we'll miss the Zulu dancing!"

Emailing you direct re Hlubi kaMota Molife.

6th April 2005Tim Rose
On behalf of the Company thanks for all the nice comments made above - it's good to see all the efforts and sweat was appreciated - the RE Zulu War weekends are always popular with the lads - a good mix of interested [and interesting people] - hers to the next one. If anyone can't wait till next year we are out with the 17th Lancers doing Zulu War stuff at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth later on this year - check our website for details.

Tim [for the Diehards]