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10th April 2005Where would he have been at Isandhlwana
By Peter Harman
In Julian Whybra's book (ENGLAND'S SONS)
Page 3 (1-24/678 Jno. Harman is listed)
Does anyone know what officer he would have been under. And where would Harman have been during the battle.
10th April 2005Martin Everett

I regret the muster rolls of the individual companies of the 1/24th have not survived. All I can you he was not one of those station on St Helena with Wardell and Cavaye in 1876-77.
11th April 2005Julian whybra
Martin is quite correct. This means that he was not in Wardell's H coy.
11th April 2005Peter Harman
Was Harman not mentioned in the Noble 24th.
I Do not have this book,but I dare say someone will
11th April 2005Julian whybra
Harman john 1-24/678 Prvate
Number on Muster roll 946. Effects recorded for claim by next of kin. S Africa Medal with clasp 1879.
11th April 2005Martin Everett

Another illustration of the issue of an incorrect clasp, perhaps.