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11th April 2005Chelmsford's grave
By Phil Read
I think I'm right in saying that Lord Chelmsford is buried in Bromptom cemetery. I know where the cemetery is, but does anyone know if it is an easy plot to locate or have any directions to it?

Apologies if this has been asked before.

Phil Read
11th April 2005Peter Harman
It should be on the battle field at Isandhlwana
11th April 2005Coll

Lord Chelmsford's grave is in the Thesiger family plot - I'm sure there would be a warden who could guide you to it at the cemetery, although I've never visited it personally.

I checked the details in the book 'The Zulu War : Then and Now' by Ian Knight and Ian Castle.

12th April 2005Andy Lee

It has been some time now so please excuse the vague route plan. If you get on the central path walking from north to south, passing Stamford bridge on your right you need to be heading for the very top end. Just before you get to the cript like systems Lord Chelmsfords grave is on your left, if you get to Warneford VC's grave you have got a little too far but not a great deal so head back.

Sorry if this is not very good but it's a large Cemetery and it was a long time ago. Be careful though mate, some very dodgy characters hanging around on the two occassions I have visited.

All the best

12th April 2005Phil Read

Thanks for the info, I'll be visiting it soon.

13th April 2005Rai England
Hi Phil, iam quite willing to take you to the grave of Lord Chelmsford and the other Zulu War graves in Brompton Cemetery, they all appear on the website this is an open offer to anyone who is interested, just email me .