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14th April 2005Looking for Irregular Officer
By Justin Young
I'm trying to find out which troop of Lonsdale's Horse that Lt's C.L.J Bourchier and R.W Myberg served in. I have found a small article in a period Newspaper saying that both arrived from the Cape on the 'Olympus' with other members of Lonsdale's Horse in early May 1879 but can find no other references to them.
Hopefully someone can help me out with this one as I seem to have hit a blank.

14th April 2005Martin Everett
There are 12 Lieutenants on the medal roll (incl Bourchier and MYBURGH) as well as Lt Reeves as Adjutant - no breakdown into troops - all have '1879' clasp.
14th April 2005Justin Young
Hi Martin
Thanks for the reply, I actually have the Forsyth roll/ original roll from PRO and most recently published works (and a good deal of period publications) but I'm aware that a few people who use this site; like yourself, have/have had far more access to info than I have that might help.