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16th April 2005Anglo-Zulu War 1879 related stationery
By Coll
I'm trying to update my desk, but this time with AZW - related items of stationery.

Are these sort of items available anywhere ?

AZW 2005 calendar
AZW 2005 diary
AZW 2005 address book
AZW writing sets (case/holder, notepad, envelopes, etc.)
AZW folders

I've had a look around, but I'm not sure such items actually exist.

17th April 2005Bill Harris
I'm afraid you're probably out of luck there, Coll. You might consider filling your ballpoint with gunpowder and water, though!

Bill H.
17th April 2005Coll
Further to the above.

Just to clarify my topic above.

All the items that I'm looking for are modern products, not from the AZW era.

I was meaning items illustrated with images of the AZW battles or the participants, but specifically connected with this campaign.

But I'm sure that was obvious. (I hope !)