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18th April 2005Meet Saul David
By Sheldon Hall
The many friends, fans and followers of Dr Saul David, whose recent book has met with such a warm reception from regular visitors to this site, will be delighted to learn that he will be appearing at the Hay Literary Festival - just a stone's throw from Brecon - to discuss that very tome, described in the festival programme as a "Magisterial account of British Imperial ignominy; invasion, deception, atrocity, cover-up, election disaster in C19th Southern Africa". For £5.50 admission at 12.30pm on Wednesday 1 June you can have the opportunity to share your thoughts with the great man. Visit the festival website at for further details.
18th April 2005Dave Nolan
Will Max Hastings be accompanying him?
18th April 2005Julian Whybra
Or Max Wall?
18th April 2005David Alan Gardner
Did anybody note Dr Davids appearance on the Time Commanders the BBC simulation programme?
He appeared as "tactical expert" alongside Dr Aryeh Nusbacher who IS a expert tactician (lectures at Sandhurst)
I got the distinct impression of frosty relations between the two, and Dr Dave was quickly dropped.
As an aside, a computer simulation of Isandhlwana would be nice! (no Julian, I'm not letting you program it!! :-) )
18th April 2005Coll

On a previous topic I was wondering if Time Commanders would do an AZW special.

I even wrote to the tv station suggesting it, or creating a programme similar to the one above.

I'm still waiting on a reply.

19th April 2005Geoff
If you want exposure why not persuade the resurrected Doctor Who to pay a visit to RD its history would then reach a new audience. (This is not a flippant comment).
19th April 2005Coll
I was thinking the tours of the AZW battlefields should be covered in one of the television Holiday programmes, rather than the usual beach resorts, as an alternative holiday destination.

I'm sure that would appeal to many, especially being covered in one of the more popular holiday programmes, bringing the historical attraction of them to a wider audience.

However, there probably would be a downside to this, as in too many visitors, maybe ruining the very thing being visited !

22nd April 2005Phil Pearce
Sheldon, you have one wicked sense of humour...thanx for the chuckle.
Mind you lots of grassy knolls around that area...with a plausable alibi & a working martini ....HHhmmm

only joking