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19th April 2005Drummer/bugle boy uniforms
By jel
Please can anyone help me find a drummer or bugle boy uniform from the zulu war.I have spoken to Sutlers who make the reenactment uniforms but they did not want to make one for my son because of the cost to me.Also has anyone got any pictures of an original drummer / bugle boy uniform that they could possibly email me as the uniforms in Zulu and Zulu Dawn were different.I will wait in hope.
19th April 2005Bill Millar
I tried to send a picture to you of the uniform, unfortunately it was returned as unable to deliver?
If you would like to mail me i will try again regards Bill.
20th April 2005Chris John
I am in the same re-enactment group as Bill Millar, the 1879 Group, and am the Bugler Boy when not on duty as private of the 24th. I ahve an old tunic that is too small for me, but it would need all the buttons and metalwork put back onto it. Also, the 'wings' are missing, but i did wear it at the re-enactment of isandlwana for the 125th Anniversary in January 24th 2004.
E-mail me if you are interested
CJ 289
21st April 2005Glenn Wade
I too am in the same Group as Bill and Chris. Should you be unable to get a picture, the Drummer's uniform was as follows. Scarlet five button frock with drummer's wings. A drum badge on the upper right arm (the bugle badge was for light infantry and rifles), Italian pattern waterbottle in buff leather carrier, buff leather waist belt, white haversack, drummer's sword with frog, fife case, foreign service helmet or glengarry, Oxford mixture trousers with scarlet welt, black ammo boots and gaiters. In the field, they would have carried either a drum or brass bugle with a green cord. Of course, when the going got tough, they would have been amed with Martini Henry's. Any more info you may need, get in touch.