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6th May 2005Re-enactments
By Alexei Lambley-Steel
My dad is coming out of the RAF next year after 35 years of service! im wanting to send him off as a surprise to a rorkes drift re-enactment? does anyone know if anything like this exists?
Thanks Alexei
9th May 2005Graham Mason
Dear Alexei,
There are a number of organisations that do these type of re-enactments , one being the 1879 Group, look at their website for details ( ) best wishes on this , Graham.
9th May 2005Martin Everett
Dear Alexei,

Buy your father tickets to hear David Rattray lecture at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 19, 20 or 21 September 2005. He will not be disappointed. Almost like being on the battle itself.
10th May 2005Colin Fielding
Dear Alexei,
If it's Rorke's Drift that you're particularly interested in then I believe that only the 20th of the above dates concentrates on this.