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By Trevor
I found Francis interesting. This site shows most of the details about the man. Except what he died of?
He seemed very young to me to die at 38, just 5 years after RD.
Anyway. Curiosity got the better of me and I managed to get a copy of his death certificate!
He did die on the 20th Feb 1884. But not in Hospital as was suggested. He died at home of Epileptic Convulsions. Apoplexy. "Which i think means suffocation"
He was actually married as well, to A J Attwood.
The certificate states she was present at the death and gives the full address. "Won't give it in case the house is still there? Dont want any weirdo's knocking on the door."
What a sad end to a brave man!!!!!!!!
Just thought i'd share the info.
13th May 2005Graham Mason
Even in death ATTWOOD was not left in peace , German bombers blew up his grave and his remains interred elsewhere , i often wonder if his wife , albeit only married a few months , ever had a child ? , otherwise if not the lines ends there ! , anyone out there know ? Graham .