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8th May 2005sad tale continues
By Phil Pearce
I see that Berharry is to sepaearte from his wife stating that battle related trauma has caused difficulties in the marriage. This is very sad but it goes to show that even with all of our 21st century knowledge & sympathetic understanding maybe the deepest nightmares that V.C bravery leaves behind will never truely be comprehended by others......
8th May 2005Martin Everett
Dear Phil,
Certainly one analysis of this morning's press by other journalists suggested that this particular newspaper should have not published this story. I am sure that this family are getting all the help they need and have a chance to work through the difficult time in private. What the Beharry family do not need is some unformed journalist making a story and for the public to be draw into the situation.
13th May 2005Mike McCabe
Whatever the (entirely personal and private) facts of the matter are, Pte Beharry VC has more than earned the right to courteous, compassionate and decent consideration - including, surely, not speculating on matters in this forum.

15th May 2005Phil Pearce J.P ( as some you like award titles )
The only reason I broached this subject was to highlight that even in the 21st century ,heros can carry a heavy burdon that can potentially ruin your life. This subject has been disscused here numerous times including my personal private family history which some of you think ( wrongly ) is within the public domain