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13th May 2005" Old Chestnut ? "
By Graham Mason
Having a large file on FRED HITCH VC i am often asked what ever happened to his ORIGINAL VC ??? .
I have heard reports that it was seen in EIRE at one time and that FRED " sold it " which i find highly unlikely during my own research into this topic .

Further relatives have been contacted and a letter written in the 1920`s has provided further evidence to families connected to FRED . Short of winning the lottery and having a quarter of a million pounds to buy it this VC looks doomed to be lost forever unless someone does have a clue as to it`s location ? , Graham .
13th May 2005Martin Everett
Dear Graham,
The original Hitch VC is stolen property so it cannot be sold. If it is recovered then by the terms of the issue of the replacement, the replacement should be returned to the Royal Mint. So basically the original has no market value.
13th May 2005Martin Everett
Dear Graham,

What would be more interesting situation would be if William Griffiths VC South Africa War campaign medal surfaced.
17th May 2005Joseph
I agree with you wholeheartedly! However, since the type of person who would steal or deal in stolen articles would not have the same scruples as you or I, It could be sold and NEVER returned.