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19th May 2005"Sranger's in the mess"
By L.J.Knight
Given a chioce !. i am seriously asking you to put hand on heart and say if you could be transported back in time to the A.Z.W. would you be an o.r. or an officer!. and the facter's of the times,ie..class division's,social condition's,ect i for one must confess i would be an ordinary ranker,in fact a caporal in the Grenadier company of the 1st/24th,anybody will tell you its the corparal's who 'run' every thing that's going on!. buy what would you be and why?. just a bit of fun. regard'a, L.J.Knight
20th May 2005Michael Kent
Although ultimately I would perish I always wanted to be Younghusband but after some thought I think now that it is more or less fact that he took part in the last stand of the 24th I think Anstey would be my man. I have this morbid fascination with what was going through his head knowing he would never escape but also having to rally his men who also knew their fate.
25th May 2005Andrew Garton
Hamilton -Brown thats my guy!