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26th May 2005Who was Captain Hook?
By Martin Everett
One for the experts, perhaps?

I notice that on the map of Zululand in Mac & Shad there is Capt Hook's trading post near Fort Newigate and Ibabanango. Who was Capt Hook?
26th May 2005Martin Everett
Sorry it should be Fort Newdigate.
26th May 2005Dave Nolan
If you do a site search from the front page of this site you will see this topic has already been covered.
26th May 2005Michael Boyle
Thanks, wish I'd known that, I spent the better part of an evening once looking it up in my meager resources with no joy, didn't even think to check further into Mac & Shad or that it may have ever come up here!
27th May 2005Ron Lock

I have a copy somewhere of one of Lt. Col. Redvers Buller's reports, written when he was scouting for a waggon route to Ulundi during the second invasion. He mentions that he was accompanied by Capt. Hook of Wood's Irregulars who knew the area well (beyond Babanango) and was most helpful.

Can't lay my hands on the report for the moment.
27th May 2005Michael Boyle
23rd October 2002 in "Pte Hook's age", currently page 74. ( It contains one of your quizzes!)