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30th May 2005Memorial Day
By Michael Boyle
Though a U.S. holiday I thought I would affirm that many of us here include United Kingdom soldiers as well in our thoughts and toasts today.

We've done a lot of fighting and dieing together.

Semper Fi

30th May 2005Julian whybra
I don't want to assume the UK mantle but thanks for the thoughts expressed especially as we lost another soldier yesterday.
30th May 2005Edward Bear
And, one day, we might even 'spell' together.
31st May 2005Michael Boyle
Yes I am one of the few who prefer to differentiate between mortal expiration and changing the colour of ones socks.
1st June 2005Rich
I'd just like to echo Mike's thoughts on Memorial Day. A soldier's lot is a tough one
and at times they make the greatest sacrifice.
It's good that we take the time to remember.