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31st May 2005Brecon Weekend Also
By Neil Aspinshaw
Just a quick note to Martin, Celia, Bill and all the staff at Brecon for a fantastic weekend.
Ah Martini Henrys', Zulus, curry & beer what a weekend.
Bill I haven't forgot a Mk1 for you! .
1st June 2005Margaret McFarlane
Hi everyone,
I managed to get to Brecon for the Sunday, what a superb event! Congratulations to anyone who had an input. The speakers were of the highest quality, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, time flew by. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I do hope something similar can be arranged in the not too distant future.
Margaret McFarlane (the one who asked about Chieftain)
15th June 2005Phil Pearce
Yes a great event ...even though martin didn't have the time to acknowledge my mother the grand daughter of a RDVC awardee. Mind you he managed to walk past her several times & although he couldn't know what I looked like managed to brush me off three Hto know that Everet was fully aware of my mother being there as
1. We were told by staff
2. The BBC wanted to interview mum, which she decilned.
I personally consider Martins rebuff as an affront . Mum Stood outsde your locked gates for three quarters of an hour untill your lady member of staff decided to open the gate ( late ) What is more although museum staff wre quite happy to profit from selling plastic model of my great grandfather they seemed rather remit in meting the genuine article
To put things in a nut shell I managed to put major Lawrie Chiswell in his place do you wish the same ?? Youe museum was quite happy to accept my nans monatory donations out of her pension up to her 84th year...What a shame that that they ignored her until her death in 1982 , when at the age of 86 she died & you lot sent a cheque for £30. towards the food for the wake.
16th June 2005Alan Critchley
I have just sent this email.

Dear Phil,
once again, I feel that I have to write to you about the tone and content of your entry of 15 June relating to the Brecon event.

The RDVC forum is not the place for you to air your personal grievances against anyone. If you have a problem, please contact that person directly, not on the forum.

If you feel you are unable to resist, I would reluctantly have to consider blocking any contributions from you in the future.

Alan Critchley
[email protected]
16th June 2005Peter Weedon
I was at Brecon on the Saturday and have recorded my thanks to all those who made it such an enjoyable day in another post on this forum.

All those to whom I spoke both during the day and subsequently agreed it was a superb weekend. Such events take a huge amount of organisation; not just in advance but on the day itself to make sure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes as visitors we take it all for granted. My own experience was that the staff could not have been more helpful.

My thanks again to all concerned for a great day.

Peter Weedon
17th June 2005Sarah Jones
My family are also relatives of Robert jones VC and they were treated really well when they went that weekend they really enjoyed and had no complaints. I have been there since with my mum and the gentleman who worked there spent a lot of time with us chatting and going around the displays. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience there Phil.