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2nd June 2005Apache Drums
By Sheldon Hall
Devotees of ZULU with access to UK terrestrial TV broadcasts would be well advised to tune in to Channel 5 on Sunday afternoon (1.15pm, 5 June) for the 1951 Western APACHE DRUMS. Why? Well, to explain would be to spoil the surprise - you'll just have to trust me on this one! It's slow to start but stick with it - the climax is well worth waiting for!
2nd June 2005John Young

Come on spill the beans - 'Zulu' was cribbed from 'Apache Drums'!

A mission under attack - a ne'er-do-well who comes good - et al! 'Nuff said.

John Y.
2nd June 2005Michael Boyle
Not a surprise for those of us brought up on 'B' westerns!

John, thanks for not spilling all the beans, and further encouraging people to watch! For those who haven't seen it you will yet be amazed at one of the last scenes!

Sheldon, I don't suppose there's a connection with the screenwriters?


2nd June 2005Michael Boyle
Actually one might say that 'Apache Drums' was cribbed from the REAL 'Zulu'.
3rd June 2005Andrew Holliday
I know why we should all watch it, if you want me to tell you let me know
3rd June 2005Sheldon Hall
In one of Cy Endfield's scrapbooks (filled with clippings of news articles and reviews, mostly of his own work) there is a cutting from VARIETY, the US showbiz trade paper, which contains among other things a review of APACHE DRUMS. This may be pure coincidence, but it is all the evidence I have of any direct connection between it and the makers of ZULU. It's not mentioned in any of the correspondence between the writers that I've read.

For all those who've seen AD - do please keep schtum until those who haven't find out for themselves! Thanks John, Andrew and Michael for not giving away the surprise.
3rd June 2005Mike McCabe
I know, all the Apaches sing Men of Harlech.

4th June 2005Robert Jones
Thanks for the giggle !! The mind boggles.
7th June 2005Marcus Ellis
Would one of you gents be kind enough to fill us in now? Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch the film on Sunday, and am now rather keen to find out.
Thabnks in advance.
7th June 2005Sheldon Hall
Marcus (and anyone else who's interested),

The film is set in a small community of mostly Welsh immigrant settlers. The Indians attack and the townsfolk are holed up in the church while the Apaches beat their drums outside. The parson (Arthur Shields, who plays a similar role in John Ford’s DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK, where he’s Irish) rallies the defenders with a song: ‘Men of Harlech’ – sung in Welsh! A thrilling moment for me when I first saw the film as a lad… a true Welsh Western!
7th June 2005Peter Ewart

I don't believe it! Stanley Baker or Cy Endfield were obviously perfectly familiar with it - too much of a coincidence!

I was confidently expecting you to announce that the Apaches retired to the skyline at the end of the battle, saluted their brave foe - and disappeared over the horizon.

Presumably the harmonising "boyos" frightened them off in the end?