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12th June 2005Sunday afternoon TV - if you're quick!
By Mike Snook
Just spotted it - on National Geographic +1 hr
A double bill starting at 1500 - Ian Knight's documentary followed at 1600 by Zulu Dawn the movie.

12th June 2005Martin Everett
Hi Mike,

This is what you get up to when keeping your head below the parapet. Have you seen the latest contribution/theory sighting the Zulu Army from Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill in JSAHR?

13th June 2005Michael Boyle
(Congratulations Mike, you turned the 'century' page!)

Is that the documentary yhat includes the archeology and where he smashes open the repro ammo box with the M-H? (I do wish they'd show it in the States.)

Martin, you've talked me into joining the SAHR, hopefully there's an option to get back issues of the journal as well. (It's not too specific on their website).

Speaking of journals, or magazines anyway, does any get "The Armourer Magazine" and can they give us a synopses on the three part article by Pat Rundgren entitled "The Royal Engineers at Isandlwana"? (Sounds interesting as long as it doesn't include the cairn!)



13th June 2005Mike Snook
Hi Martin

Yes. Ron was kind enough to send me a copy - but I'm not going to comment as I'm temporarily retired and can't be tempted back!!


Yes that's the one. Might be possible to get it from Nat Geo website - don't know never looked. I've e-mailed you on the other matter.


Mike closing down on this means - I only wanted to tip people off about the telly!!
13th June 2005Mike McCabe
Lead yourself not into (further) temptation!
13th June 2005Martin Everett
Dear Michael Boyle,
Certainly the SAHR is really the only one to join. The National Army Museum usually carries back numbers which can be purchased. But if you a looking for a specific SAHR article over the last 50 years I can probably help.
13th June 2005Michael Boyle
Thanks Martin,

I'll be probably be getting back to you with a list once I can narrow it down some! First up is tracking down those articles previously cited in this forum, seeing what is available from SAHR and perusing 50 years worth of what's been published. (I do hope they have an index of sorts!)