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12th June 2005Canned Beer
By Geoff
I see your Pot Pourri mentions that canned beer was introduced in circa 1879 by a Welsh Brewery. My father had some cans which cannot have been much before 1937 which he always insisted were the first - I can't recall the brewer, possibly Bass ? but was he wrong ?
12th June 2005Martin Everett
You father was probably right but they do anything these days to sell beer . But I do have a bottle of South African beer on my desk (unopened) which is labelled 'Rorke's Drift' - any offers?
13th June 2005Bill Cainan

The picture in the Pot Pourri section actually comes from a board in the Black Lion in Lampeter, and is, I'm afraid something of a pub exaggeration. Canned beer was first produced commercially in the US in 1933 and in Britain in 1935. If you are keen on detail, the web site of "Felinfoel Brewery" will give you ta fairly comprehensive history of canned beer !


13th June 2005geoff
Thanks Bill

The beer I recall may have been acquired by Bass to examine the new technology. 1935 is certainly a possibility. I know that Wrexham Brewery had a connection with the Sudan 1898 campaign but I think this was bottled.

Thanks again

14th June 2005Mike McCabe
Perhaps a new canned beer for the 21st century might be needed for The Royal Welsh. Can't think of a name just yet, but something between Allbright and Stabrite might suit the 2nd Bn well enough.