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15th June 2005Charles Gordon / Durnford
By Robert
Has anyone ever seen anything written by Gordon on the subject of Isandhlwana / RD? I would be surprised if he had not, given his history with Durnford. I would think that would be interesting to read his analysis/opinion on the matter.
22nd June 2005Coll

I don't know of any books written by Gordon, but I'm sure authors would have wrote books about his life and career.

However, if anything, they might cover more details about his friendship with Durnford, rather than the battles at Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, unless of course, journals, etc., belonging to Gordon were discovered during their research, which may contain some references to both of these events.

I'm not sure how many titles were published about Gordon, as I haven't pursued his friendship with Durnford, but maybe you could try to track down a couple, in the hope they do contain the information you require.

I wish you success with your research, as I must agree that such accounts by Gordon about these battles would be fascinating.