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3rd July 2005ZULU VICTORY
Dear All,

Delighted to see that Ron & Peter's book, Zulu Victory, newly released as a paper back, was last week the fourth best seller in RSA under the heading, ' Non fiction Paper Back'. Can't be often that this subject merits such popular acclaim? Well done, chaps! I can't wait for the next one! [September, I think?]

14th July 2005Paul Mercer
Exellent book, almost finished it. I still wonder what would have happened if Chelmsford's full army had been there - would the power of the Martini-Henry overcome a vast Zulu army that until then had never encountered massed volley fire and therefore presumably knew no fear.
15th July 2005AMB

Had the full force been there, I suspect that the Zulu victory would have been nothing more than a dream. The massed volley fire of M-Hs would have seen to that.
Thoughts anyone?
19th July 2005Paul Mercer
Thanks for that I sorry more people did not reply. Another 'IF' is of course what would have been the result of the Zulu army if it met Chelmsford instead of going on to Isandlwana -same result? I suppose it would have hinged on whether he had time to deploy his men.
Would be interested in anyones thoughts on the subject.
On another subject, have now finished 'Zulu Victory' , I thought it was pretty good, but I am not a student on such matters!