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8th July 2005D.P. & G. Military Publishers - Book Requests ?
By Coll
I am awaiting delivery of ' A Soldier's Life and Work in South Africa ' by Edward Durnford, on arrival I will then be hoping to obtain their copy of 'The Natal Carbineers'.

As details about Col. Durnford and the Natal Volunteers at Isandlwana are high on my wants list, I wondered about the following -

Does anyone know if you can 'request' a certain book to be republished by the above mentioned company ?

I would really like the to get a copy of 'The Mounted Police of Natal' by H.P. Holt, which would be a great addition to these other main AZW titles.

I was considering writing to the company enquiring about this, but I doubt if I would get a reply concerning this matter. Also, there is the problem of obtaining a publication of the book anyway.

Can anyone give me any guidance, regarding approaching this company, or what their procedure is when selecting titles to be republished ?


8th July 2005Martin Everett
Dear Coll,
A lot depends on whether there is a copy of the original to scan. But you could try writing to Bryan Martin, the owner (no emails, no telephone - you have to write). Obviously the printing of books and binding is done in batches as they usually produced in small quanties - so that is why delivery dates are unpredictable. You may have to be less enthustiatic. After all you are getting good value by avoiding high secondhand prices of originals.
8th July 2005Coll

Thankyou for replying.

When I was enquiring about Edward's book, the company very kindly sent me a list of other AZW books that are available.

I was delighted to see 'The Natal Carbineers' title included, along with details of the contents, as I didn't expect this book to also be listed ( £ 50 + £ 5 p&p).

Yes. I fully appreciate what you are saying about being able to obtain these titles for less than the originals, but I felt with the rarity of both of these titles about the Colonial Volunteers (N.M.P and N.C.), with no other detailed books on these units, especially with their involvement at Isandlwana, it would be worth trying to get the Natal Police book republished, before it becomes absolutely non-existent, which I feel would be a great loss.

This company really is highly-valued, and I am impressed with their book listing, that is why I enquired about D.P. & G. specifically, regarding the N.M.P. title, not just for me personally, but the AZW community, for this book is so rare and I feel , a very worthy candidate for to be republished, before it is lost forever.

Thanks again

8th July 2005Martin Everett
Dear Coll,
I was probably not clear enough in my first reply. Bryan Martin needs the original book before being able to scan and reprint. You suggestions are worthwhile, but who is going to produce the original - sometimes the outer binding has to be stripped in order to get a good scan. This vandalism may not acceptable for a very rare book.
8th July 2005Coll

Yes. You were clear enough in your first reply, but you will find that I did state in my topic above, there would be a problem obtaining a copy of the book.

I'm aware of some of the process in reprinting a book, but this was just a 'suggestion' not a 'demand', to put the idea 'out there' should somebody, somewhere, sometime, offer their copy for republishing.

We have to live in hope of making things happen, or else what would be the point of trying anything ?!

11th July 2005Alan Critchley
I have a word document which lists the full range of books which DP&G have reprinted, prices etc. If anyone would like a copy, please email me.

14th July 2005Coll
Edward Durnford's book arrived yesterday.

Ordered 'The Natal Carbineers' today.

After receiving some guidance off-site, I managed to trace ' The Mounted Police of Natal' to a company in the U.K. ( £ 150.00 excl. postage )

Alan, I hope you got my e-mail okay ?

I'm hoping to secure the above title in the next couple of months, if it is still available.

25th July 2005Coll
' The Natal Carbineers ' book arrived today.

Fantastic. I can't tell you how pleasing it is to finally obtain a copy of this title, covering the history of the Colonial Volunteer unit, men from which stood with Durnford at Isandlwana.

Excellent stuff !

I'm definitely after Holt's book now.