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10th July 2005Pvte Hector Grant
By Paul
Can anyone shed any light of the importance or significance of Private Hector Grant, 1/24th 2nd Warwickshire Regiment. I have been able to read something about him on the internet but would like as much information as possible and a picture if one is available.

I have recently obtained a pocket watch belonging to this gentleman and obviously want to learn as much about his as I can.

Please reply via e-mail rather than on this message board. Thank you.
10th July 2005Julian Whybra
If you are referring to a certain passage on the internet purporting to emanate from Scotland - and purporting to 'tell Grant's story', I have been unable to establish that this 'report' is genuine. It would therefore be wise not to use it as the basis for further study.
Hector Grant was of course Scottish himself and no doubt you should follow him up through the family. Beyond his statement on Isandhlwana there is no known other report by him.
10th July 2005Paul
Thanks, do you have is Isandhlwana statement?
10th July 2005Martin Everett
It is published in 'The Noble 24th' by Norman Holme - see shop.