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27th July 2005Aftermath of Rorkes Drift
By Dawn
Can anyone tell me what happened to the 24th in the immediate days after Isandlwana and the defence of Rorkes Drift? On the 23th they made it to Rorkes Drift probably pleased to see it had not fallen and remained there for 'several days' until they were relieved. What did the 24th do there, besides look out anxiously for Zulus, and how long was 'several days'? I believe that Chelmsford left them to it while he rode to Pietermaritzburg to consult with Frere.
27th July 2005Martin Everett
Dear Dawn,

The 2/24th remained at RD until April 1879. They built Fort Bromhead on the spot, then then built Fort Melvill nearer the drift. The battalion had many tasks during the 2nd invasion mainly guarding forts and stores. They provided a Guard of Honuor on 3 June to escort the body of the Prince Imperial. They also returned to Isandhlwana to bury the 24th soldiers in June 1879. The 2/24th sailed to Gibraltar on 21 October 1879.

The 1/24th (2 companies) remained at Helpmekaar until the re-inforcements came out from UK. The battalion reformed at Dundee on 11 May 1879 to take part in the 2nd invasion. They sailed for UK on 27 Aug 1879.

29th July 2005Dawn
Martin, were the wounded evacuated from RD or did they stay there with Surgeon Reynolds?